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The Nothing

« Dans les profondeurs de la Terre vit une force extraordinaire. Seules quelques personnes sont conscientes de l’ampleur et de l’importance de cet endroit où bien/mal, obscurité /lumière, bonheur/souffrance, perte/gain, espoir/désespoir existent comme une seule force qui nous dirige à chaque moment de nos vies. Ce n’est pas quelque chose que nous pouvons contrôler, mais une conscience de cette « présence » qui nous entoure à chaque souffle, comme si nous étions observés à chaque instant. C’est l’endroit où les énergies noires et blanches s’attachent à nos âmes, façonnent nos émotions, choix, points de vue, et finalement nos existences. Il y a un petit et miraculeux espace dans ce vortex et c’est le seul endroit où ces forces contraires s’équilibrent – c’est là que l’âme trouve son refuge. Bienvenue dans… THE NOTHING. » - Jonathan Davis
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Nothing (The Neverending Story) | Villains Wiki | FANDOM ...
The Nothing is the main antagonist and primary threat faced by the protagonist of the German novel (or rather, the first half of the novel) Die unendliche Geschichte (The Neverending Story) and its 1984 movie adaptation. It is a frightening dark cloud that nearly engulfs the magical world of...
The Script - Nothing (Official Video) - YouTube
Mix - The Script - Nothing (Official Video) YouTube Higher Love Song by Whitney Houston Kygo Remix - Duration: 3:51. Blue Rose for Mommy Music is Life 222 views
Nothing | Definition of Nothing by Merriam-Webster
Pronoun. There's nothing in my hands. She knows nothing of our plans. You have nothing to worry about. There's nothing fun to do around here.
Nothing - Wikipedia
"Nothing", used as a pronoun subject, denotes the absence of a something or particular thing that one might expect or desire to be present ("We found nothing," "Nothing was there") or the inactivity of a thing or things that are usually or could be active ("Nothing moved," "Nothing happened").
Nothing - definition of nothing by The Free Dictionary
Usage Note: According to the traditional rule, nothing should always be treated as a singular, even when followed by an exception phrase containing a plural noun: Nothing except your fears stands (not stand) in your way.
Nothing - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
As for the thoughts of many other objects external to me, as of the sky, the earth, light, heat, and a thousand more, I was less at a loss to know whence these came; for since I remarked in them nothing which seemed to render them superior to myself, I could believe that, if these were true, they were dependencies on my own nature, in so far as ...
The Script - Nothing Lyrics |
Thanks to Neelum Mehmood for adding these lyrics. Thanks to Taylor, Christina Lynn, amanda, Joe ath, Krista Rhue, Pasunepomme for correcting these lyrics.
Nothing (film) - Wikipedia
Nothing is a 2003 Canadian philosophical comedy-drama film directed by Vincenzo Natali. It stars David Hewlett and Andrew Miller
The Case for Doing Nothing - The New York Times
Running from place to place and laboring over long to-do lists have increasingly become ways to communicate status: I’m so busy because I’m just so important, the thinking goes. There’s a ...
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